The GEODESC applications and associated user guides went live on the JR in October 2022. Assigned JR technicians can make necessary changes and should consult GEODESC - how to edit user guides before doing so. The original author, Peter Blum, will continue to support the development of the applications and user guides in the foreseeable future (from shore, most of the time).

Before the expedition

  • Invited core description specialists and paleontologists are typically interested in, and should be encouraged by the Expedition Project Manager to preparing GEODESC project templates weeks to months before an expedition.
  • Scientists may be able to do so with catalog or previous expedition templates exported using the Data Access application. If that is not the case for some reason, the IT group may have to create the GEODESC project months before the expedition on shore.
  • the project may also be created at the very beginning of the new expedition.

Beginning of expedition (BOX)

  • If the GEODESC has not been created on shore ahead of the expedition, the shipboard IT representatives create the GEODESC project.
  • Otherwise, the IT representatives are responsible for installing the  pre-configured project to the ship. 
  • The IT representative associates the project with the applicable expeditions, which may include previous expeditions in the same area or of the same nature if the new project scientists are re-describing those samples. 
    • GEODESC observers have (non-destructive) access to all samples of all associated expeditions.

End of expedition (EOX)

The project with all its associated data is transferred to shore. In cases where the following expedition is part of the same programmatic project, the GEODESC project stays on the ship. If the following expedition should not have access to the data from the current expedition, .... 

Setting up projects on shore

An IT representative must set up a project for use on shore. Associated expeditions may be removed, or new ones may be associated (e.g., a legacy expedition's samples are re-described with the templates of the current expedition).

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