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The Whole Round Multisensor Logger (WRMSL) and Special Task Multisensor Logger (STMSL) are two whole-round systems which allow simultaneous measurements of density, magnetic susceptibility and Pwave velocity. The WRMSL and STMSL are the only two systems, which allow continuous core section measurements, one after another.
Note: Both tracks function the same way; however, WRMSL measures density, magnetic susceptibility and P wave velocity, whereas STMSL only measures density and magnetic susceptibility.

It is possible to set the WRMSL acting as the STMSL by changing the setup of the desired instrument. The screenshot below shows how to change the track type of the magnetic susceptibility loop used in the WRMSL to make it work as a STMSL.

Image AddedHow to switch from WRMSL to STMSL: Example for the magnetic susceptibility loop of the WRMSL


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