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  • 5 megabyte limits on attachments originating on shore destined for ship. Larger attachments will bounce.
  • 20 megabyt megabyte limits on attachments originating on ship destined for a shore address.


  • Select the People application
  • Select the search field--supply dg-iodp as the search term.
  • Click the search icon.

In addition, the JRSO shore and ship distribution lists are available from shore-based web sites ( and

Submissions to JRSO Shore and Ship Distribution Lists

Not all distribution lists may be addressed from outside the JRSO and TAMU. Those that can be accessed publicly The publicly accessible lists are termed open--i.e. accepting email from any address. A few of these are listed further below.

The Exchange email system also allows for distribution groups to be moderated. Email sent to a moderated list goes to selected personnel (the moderator aka or distribution list owners) for review. Moderators may release the content to the rest of the list at their discretion. At present, no JRSO lists are moderated.


In the shipboard environment, the JR address book (global address list) only shows contact entries for JR distribution lists and open shore distribution lists. This reduces clutter in the address book and reduces confusion over which addresses to use.


  • Science participates preparing for an expedition should in general route questions and concerns through the Expedition Project Manager and the Co-Chiefs.
  • Science participates on an expedition should in general route questions and concerns to the on-board Expedition Project Manager, Co-Chiefs, and Operations manager. Specific laboratory, curatorial, and compute questions should be routed through the Lab Officer and Assistant Lab Officers, ultimately (in general) to on-board staff.
  • External participants in Lab Working Groups (LWG) should be made aware of the distribution group for the LWG in which they participate.
  • Participants in post-cruise meetings and editorial work should be in contact with the Co-Chiefs, Expedition Project Manager, and the assigned publications staff.


The above is taken from information provided by Jim Rosser in a 16 July 2018 email message to staff.

Initial rework for public consumption.

Credits for this document are given in the page history.