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E. Fisher




S. Boehm, S. Frank

Management Approval (Name, Title, Date):

B. Mills (Lab Officer)



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Thin Section Lab


Logitech WG2


Polishing Samples


  1. Press the Main button under the joystick.
  2. Press the middle of the joystick for ok (Fig. 1).

                                      Figure 1

3. Checking system (Fig. 2) screen will appear. Press ok to continue.

                                   Figure 2

4. Process Screen and Machine Setup (Fig. 3) will appear.

                                  Figure 3

5. Select Process Screen and press ok.


6. On the Confirm Action (Fig. 4) screen move the joystick down and press Ok.

                                Figure 4

7. Press ok on the Please Set Position (Fig. 5) screen.

                                 Figure 5

8. The Operations (Fig. 6) screen will appear.

                                  Figure 6

9. Place the abrasive drum (Fig. 7) on the top of the WG2.


                                                                                                                              Figure 7

a. Lift the polishing plate and pull it out from under the WG2.


e. Line up the edges of the polishing pad and polishing plate. Press the pad down by sweeping your hand back and forth across it to prevent from bubbles forming under it (Fig. 8).

                              Figure 8

f. Slowly, remove the backing and continue sweeping your hand.

g. Fold the backing in quarters with the smooth side on the outside. Press on it and move it around the pad. This will help secure the pad and remove any bubbles (Fig. 9).

                                  Figure 9

h. Replace the polishing plate and lower the WG2.


  1. Wet the polishing pad by spraying it down with ethane dial.
  2. Spray a small amount of ethane dial on the slide holders and place the samples frosted side up onto the holders (Fig. 10).

Figure                                 Figure 10

3. Place sample face down on the polishing pad under a carousel post (Fig. 11).

4. Lower the post down by rotating it counter clockwise and gently setting it down in the middle hole of the slide holder (Fig. 11).

                                                                                                                              Figure 11

    1. If all six carousel posts need to be used it can be rotated around by moving the joystick to the left on the Operations screen and selecting WG2 (Fig. 6).

                                       Figure 12

      1. While on the WG2 (Fig. 12) screen, select Wg2 and change it from "off" to "on".
      2. Then select the Wg2 Rate and increase it to 70%.
      3. On the WG2 (Fig. 12) screen move the joystick down to Override and change it from an "X" to a "Check" just until it rotates the carousel enough so you can access the other side. Then change override back to an "X".


    1. Change Abrasive from "off" to "on" (Fig. 13).
    2. Select Override and change it from an "X" to a "Check". The drum will begin to turn.

           Figure                                Figure 13

           c. Start the slurry dripping on the polishing plate by spraying ethane diol into the drip tray.