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    1. Then to -0.400mm, -0.350mm, -0.300mm, -0.275mm, -0.250mm, -0.240mm, -0.230mm, -0.225mm, -0.220mm, -0.215mm, -0.210mm, -0.205mm, -0.202mm, -0.200mm.
      1. When cutting off less of the sample it is ok to speed up.
      2. If the sample is too soft to lap down on the LP 50 it can be cut down on the cup wheel too. Take the sample down in increments to -0.069 slowly. After that it can go straight to the Logitech PM5 polisher.
  1. Always set the digital micrometer back to -0.600, as a safety measure.
  2. Open the Logitech VS2 vacuum valve (Fig. 5) and remove the slide from the chuck face.
  3. Turn off the water, motor, and vacuum
  4. Clean the, sample, slide, and chuck face with a kimwipe and isopropyl alcohol.
  5. Open the door on the right side of the PetroThin and remove the cut off billet (Fig. 3).
    1. Place the billet back into the sample bag.


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