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  • X-Ray Image Logger User Guide

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  1. Insert Key and turn on power.  Wait for system to initialize.
  2. Press Menu
  3. Press either the plus or minus buttons unit you see "Settings"
  4. Press Enter and then press the plus key once for each configuration
    • Auto Config = Manual Mode
    • Keep Alive = Disabled
    • English (don't care)
    • Fil(iment) Always On = Enable
    • Bluetooth = some code (ignore)
    • Trig(ger) = Security Enable
    • Com Status = Enable
    • Baud Rate = 9600
    • Long Time = Enable (don't care)
    • Menu Step = Quick (don't care)
    • Factory = Disabled
    • Back Light = Enable (don't care)
    • External Trig = Disabled
    • Start Button = Disabled
    • Pre-warning = 0 sec
  5. Press Escape


The shielding consists of four sections as shown in Figure 1.  The Source Shield houses the x-ray source and detector. It is constructed with 6-mm of lead with an internal baffle on the unload side of the box.  The exterior corners are covered with 6-mm lead strips and lead vinyl (½-mm) covering the sides. The GRA-MS shield section is constructed with 2-mm of lead with an internal baffle on the load side.


  1. Ensure the values in the window are set as shown in Figure 12.
    1. The instrument X-offset is measured from the home switch to the center pixel of the detector (Figure 13).
    2. This value must be updated should the detector position change or if the home switch on the track is modified.

2)      Click ACCEPT to save the changes and write them to the configuration file.  Click Cancel to revert to previous values.