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Make sure the probe storage container is filled with 3 M KCl solution and the reservoir is filled with 0.1 M HCl solution.

Ensure no air bubbles are present in the acid dispensing line. Press DOS on the body of the titrator to push acid through the line and remove air bubbles.

Change out the Drierite trap when ~50% of the color turns from blue to pink.

In case of a bubbling noise, top up your temperature-controlled water bath. Use tap water. Check titration vessel for air space and eliminate if present.
Black AgS2 may precipitate in the diaphragm of the electrode from sulfide containing samples. You will most likely notice a decline in the electrode's performance, and the diaphragm that has turned black. Treat the diaphragm with freshly prepaired 7% Thiourrea solution in 0.1 mol/l HCl.


Electrode: Metrohm 6.0234.100 or equivalent.

0.1 M HCl, Fisher CH5009

Microvalve buret tip, Metrohm 020683244, CM5129