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                             APCT-3 Electronics                                                                          APCT-3 Shoe

Tool assembly

  1. Check pressure case and cutting shoe for damage. Ensure they are in good working order.
  2. Check O-Rings on the case. Ensure they are not damaged. Apply a light coat of Dow Corning 111 grease to the O-Rings and install on the case. Ensure threads are clean and apply a light coat of Lubriplate No. 630-2 Multipurpose Grease P/N 07298.
  3. Install electronics package into the pressure case using the installation tool. Apply a liberal amount of Thermal Joint Compound Type 120 from Wakefield Engineering to the temp sensor and install in the case.
  4. Install data cable in the electronics package.


  1. Launch WinTemp from the desktop (Snowflake)
  2. Select-Logger
  3. Select-Battery.Battery Voltage 3005mv. If below 2750mv return logger to shore.
  4. Select-Exit
  5. Select-Logger
  6. Select-Setup. A warning message may appear: "The logger contains data. Please clear memory before proceeding."
  7. Select-OK
  8. Select-Logger
  9. Select-Clear Data. A warning message may appear: "Do you really want to clear data?"
  10. Select-Yes
  11. Select-Logger
  12. Select-Setup (If no additions)
  13. Select-Start Now!
  14. Select-OK Select after tool starts to run. Verification window will come up. Tool can run for 18 hours.

Deployment and tool retrieval

  1. Remove cable from electronics package.
  2. Using the installation tool, insert the electronics package into the cutting shoe.
  3. Attach cutting shoe to pressure case. Tighten snugly with special wrench.
  4. Run Tool. Recommended 5 min at mud line and 10 min after shooting into the hole.
  5. When tool returns from the hole, ensure it is loosened on the drill floor and power washed off on the core receiving deck.
  6. Put the tool in the vice. Use the wrench to remove the cutting shoe from the pressure case.
  7. Using the installation tool remove the stainless steel spacer with the O-Ring.

Data download

  1. Install data cable in the electronics package.
  2. Run WinTemp:
    1. Select-WinTemp from desktop. (Snowflake)
    2. Select-Logger
    3. Select-Read data. You will see the following message: "The logger is still active. Do you want to stop acquisition?"
    4. Select-Yes
    5. Select-File 
    6. Select-Save As. >Move wtf. file to where you wish to process it. (395E-1560-07H)
    7. Select-file
    8. Select-Export. Move dat. file to where you wish to process it. (395E-1560-07H)
    9. Select-Save
    10. Select-Logger
    11. Select-Clear Data. Verification message will appear: "Do you really want to clear the logger memory?"
    12. Select-Yes
    13. Select-Setup
    14. Select-Deactivate

Data processing

  1. Launch TPFIT/MATLAB shortcut from the desktop.
  2. In MATLAB
  3. Select-Run (Green Arrow on the top task bar)

  4. Select-Load Data
  5. Select-Exp 395E Folder
  6. Select-U1561A Folder
  7. Select-Hole A Folder
  8. Select-395E-U1561A-04H Folder
  9. Select-.dat file
  10. Select-Open
  11. Select-Edit Meta Data
  12. Enter- Expedition 395E / Site 1560 / Hole A / Core 07 / Core Type H / Depth 50 / Comments
  13. Select-Accept
  14. Select-Pick
  15. Select-tO Pick- Expand window if needed. Pick a point just before the start of the temperature curve.
  16. Select-Start Pick. Pick the highest stable point on the temperature curve.
  17. Select-End Pick. Pick the lowest stable point on the temperature curve.
  18. Select-Save
  19. Select-Compute Contours
  20. Select-Make Report.
  21. Select-Save Session
  22. Select-Save
  23. Select-Quit. The following message is displayed.  "Save Session?"
  24. Select-No
  25. Close Window.


This document originated from Word document APCT-3 Run Procedure_374.docx (see Archived Versions below for a pdf copy) that was written by R. Gjesvold (2017-07-17). Credits for subsequent changes to this document are given in the page history.

Archived Versions

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