The following resources are for Curator and Technical Staff working in the core lab, on the core receiving platform and assisting with core curation.

Curatorial Manual

Shipboard Curatorial Manual [October 2021]

Catwalk and Sample Table Modules

Catwalk Quick Start Guide [October 2020]

Catwalk User Guide [August 2021]

How to Enter a Smear Slide into SampleMaster

SampleMaster Quick Start Guide

SampleMaster PP

Sample and Requests

How to Submit Your Research Plan and Sample and/or Data Request [September 2020]

Sample and Data Request (SaDR)

Sampling Policy

Special Sampling Techniques

PMAG Cubes


Thin Section


Inventory & Supplies

JOIDES Resolution Play Core Inventory [October 2021]

Wedges, foams, scoops?

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