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Image of the data portal from the main shorebased homepage.

Direct Links to Data

For direct access to data from current and past expeditions, go to the database menu located on the main IODP-JRSO homepage or to the following links:

Figure 1. A view of LIMS database interface. 

User Guides for Accessing Data from Databases

Data can be obtained from the LIMS, LIVE, Janus, and Logging databases. User guides for LIMS and LIVE and for the LORE interface that retrieves reports from LIMS are available at:

Links for Accessing Data for Standards (Standards App)

Data can be obtained from the databases by accessing the following links:

For the Ship:

For Shore:

Enter the analysis code for your data in the Analysis field and enter start and end dates.  Example analysis codes are GRA, TCON, GC3, etc. and are usually listed with the report in LORE.  Click show standards.  Any standards associated with that Analysis should show up in a list.  You can copy and paste the Text ID for the standard of interest and place it in the Text ID blank.  

When you click Get Measurements on Standards a .csv file should be output automatically.  This file is filled with all of the standard measurements for that particular standard for your selected date range.

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