Foldio 360 Imaging System

  1. Preparation: Foldio360 Imaging system unboxing
    1. Retrieve Foldio360 Imaging supplies from the Imaging specialist’s office
      1. Remove and unbox the Foldio360 smart turntable and Halo Bar lights
      2. Plug connections in their respective ports (FI-1 plugs into FI-1 and so forth)
      3. Assemble the mobile tripod for smart phone imaging stability
    2. Preparation: Connecting mobile device with Foldio360 turntable
      1. Sync mobile device to Foldio360
        1. Begin charging mobile device with provided charging cable.
        2. Unlock the iPhone using the passcode: 390393
        3. Turn on the Bluetooth function for the mobile device.
        4. Search for the Foldio app looking for an icon showing a white hexagon with an orange background. One may also swipe down while on the home screen, using the search capability, to search with the key word ‘FOLDIO’ to find the imaging app.
        5. Launch Foldio360 app.
        6. Once the Foldio imaging app is launched, connect to the Bluetooth enabled turntable. If the Foldio app requires a login you may use the following credentials: (!maGing)
        7. Select the Phone 360 imaging option.
        8. If the smartphone does not automatically connect to the turntable, press the Select Device option at the bottom of the screen.
        9. The Foldio should appear here as an available device. If the smart turntable isn’t found double check that your power connections to the turntable are secure and Bluetooth is enabled on the mobile device.
        10. Use the mobile tripod to position the mobile device to an optimum viewing angle. An optimum viewing angle is where the smart turntable and sample of interest take a majority of the frame.
        11. Ensure the Frame count is set at 36
      2. Imaging sample
        1. Write down the sample label using the format: Exp#-Site-Hole-Core-Section
          1. Ex: 999-U1999A-2R-3
        2. Place label in front of, off the turntable to allow sample identification in all Foldio images and gray scale card for white balance.
        3. Center the sample on the turntable.
          1. Depending on the sample shape, you may need to add additional supports to the sample for an uncompromised image. White Nylon pieces are the most popular support item. These may be found in the core lab if not already made accessible to the imager.
        4. Take the 360* image with the Foldio 360 app.
        5. After photo completion, use the data table/airdrop photo to transfer the photo with label and 360* video to the network drive (Cleveland/data1/ ‘Insert Foldio folder’)

Document created by Oscar Cavazos, Chemistry Specialist

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