The GEODESC application tool set was designed and built in 2019-2023 to support geological core description and micropaleontological data capture on the scientific drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution (JR). It replaced the DESClogik application used for more than a decade. The GEODESC user applications are backed by a relational database and can be run on all major web browsers without the need to install software. The final products of the GEODESC description process are structured tab-delimited text files that can be visualized and further processed using other programs.

GEODESC is a Software as a Service (SaaS), requiring a an administrator to initiate projects, create user accounts, and configure the accounts with application and project credentials. The JOIDES Resolution Science Operator (JRSO) is currently hosting the service, setting up a separate project for each expedition and user accounts and privileges as needed. 

Core description scientists and paleontologist work with three separate user applications (Fig. <GEODESC applications and database>), which can be operated simultaneously in multiple browser tabs:

A fourth application is available to GEODESC support staff with appropriate expertise or expert sources to update the GEODESC catalogs:

Figure <GEODESC applications and database>.

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