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Location of the Stratigraphic Correlation lab on the Core Deck.


The stratigraphic correlator uses physical and magnetic properties data to correlate the stratigraphy between adjacent holes and construct a composite depth scale for each site. 

Correlator Software

Applications Used for Stratigraphic Correlation

Stratigraphic correlation requires the use of multiple applications.  These applications can be found at

The necessary applications are:

  • Correlator Downloader:  Used for downloading data that will be used for stratigraphic correlation
  • Correlator:  The correlation software provided by IODP for stratigraphic correlation.  The software is MAC only.
  • SCORS Uploader and Manager: Used for uploading affine and splice data to LIMS database

Correlator Video Tutorials

Video tutorial videos were recorded May 2019 for Correlator v. 3.  

Overview - Module 1: Overview of the Tools used to do stratigraphic correlation on the JR

Data download  - Module 2:  How to Download and Prepare Data for use in Correlator

Correlator app GENERAL - Module 3: Correlator Software Installation Introduction and How to Import Data into Correlator

Correlator app DEPTH SHIFTING - Module 4: How to Correlate Data between Holes and Shift the Core Depths

Correlator app SPLICING - Module 5: How to Create a Splice in Correlator

Data upload to LIMS database - Module 6: Uploading the Affine and Splice Tables to LIMS

Reports - Module 7: Reviewing Uploads in LORE and Viewing the Spliced Data

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