X-Ray images of whole round and section half cores enable scientists to:

  • Observe structures or objects, such as drop stones, laminations, shells, burrows, faults, and fractures, that might aid in the interpretation of geologic processes, depositional settings, environmental conditions, alteration, and tectonics.
  • Aid in core-splitting and whole round sampling decisions aimed at minimizing damaging or disturbing important structures or objects.
  • Identify coring disturbance, which can aid in making decisions about coring and measurement strategies.
  • Quantify occurrence, amount, distribution, and size of ice-rafted debris, vugs, vesicles, and other features.
  • Assist with stratigraphic correlation.

The X-Ray image logger is located on the forward whole round track in the core lab.

X-ray Methods and Theory Powerpoint


X-Ray Image Processing


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