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This guide will help technicians use the CreateInclinFile.exe program. The purpose of the program is to combine the recovered .txt data file with the .raw tool calibration data and to format them into a file that can be opened using Inclin. CreateInclinFile.exe searches the .txt file for the tool name and automatically selects the appropriate calibration information. While the program is running, the user is prompted to enter their user name. The user name is inserted into the final file.


1. Open CreateInclinFile.exe.

2. When prompted, select a .txt file.

3. Select the .txt file that corresponds to the survey you wish to process and select OK. If the user receives the message shown below, the .txt file contains more than one survey.

  • This occurs when the tool and the Palm are not cleared prior to starting another survey. It may also occur if recovered data have not been hotsync’d to that particular computer previously.
  • The program will end. User should open the .txt file and edit the file to ensure it only only contains the pertinent survey data, then relaunch CreateInclinFile.exe.  
    • A new survey can be recognized within the .txt file by a header row. Retain a copy of the original file before editing in case there is an issue during the editing process.

4. The Prompt User window will appear. Enter the operator name.

  • The operator name is placed into the header of the .raw file in order to maintain a record of who edited the file.

5. Select OK.

6. The Name New File (include .raw extension) window will open.

7. User should name the new file and chose a place to save the file.

  • Suggested convention for the new file name is: SiteHoleEdited.raw
  • Example: U1440Aedited.raw

8. Select Ok

9. A dialog window will appear stating “Inclin File has been created.”

10. Select OK.

11. Program will end.

12. User may now open the edited .raw file in Inclin.


This document originated from Quick Start Guide for Create Inclin File.docx (see Archived Versions below for a pdf copy) that was written by B. Novak (02/04/2016). Credits for subsequent changes to this document are given in the page history.

Archived Versions

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