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Layout of the Paleomagnetism Lab on the Core Deck. Top of the image is towards the front of the ship.


Shipboard paleomagnetists conduct paleomagnetic and rock magnetic measurements of recovered rocks and sediment for a variety of studies, such as those on magnetostratigraphy, geomagnetism, tectonics, and environmental change. Typically measurements are conducted on the archive half of each core using the 2G Enterprises 760-4K Superconducting Rock Magnetometer (SRM). In addition, discrete samples (~6-10 cm3 paleomagnetic cubes or mini-cores) may be taken from the working half of cores for additional measurements using the SRM or spinner magnetometers as well as other instruments in the lab.

Superconducting Rock Magnetometer (SRM)

AGICO JR-6A Spinner Magnetometer

ASC Scientific IM10 and IM10-30 Impulse Magnetizer

D-TECH D-2000 Alternating-Field (AF) Demagnetizer

Icefield MI-5 Multishot Orientation Tool

Flex-IT Orientation Tool

Kappabridge KLY-4 (Magnetic Susceptibility Meter - Currently Onshore)

Kappabridge MFK2-FA (Magnetic Susceptibility Meter)

Paleomagnetism Lab Support Equipment and Software

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