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Table of Contents

Thin Section Lab on Fo'c's'le Deck


The Thin Section lab provides equipment for making thin sections of lithified and nonlithified materials.


  • Buehler Petrothin thin section system housed under 9 ft2 fume canopy
  • Logitech LP-50 lapping machine
  • Logitech PM2A precision polishing and lapping machine
  • Zeiss microscope


Logitech LP 50


Frosting Slides


Flattening Thin Section Billets


Bonding Billets to Frosted Slides

Cutting Billets with PetroThin


Lapping Samples on LP50


Polishing Samples on PM5


End of Expedition Cleanup


Quick Guide TS Laser Engraver

How Disassemble the Logitech Jigs



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